Who doesn’t love to surf? The Hampton’s is full of great places to surf. From Montauk to West Hampton, there are heaps of sandbars, jetties and inlets that provide great places to catch waves all year. Unfortunately, Hamptons surfers must keep a close eye on the weather, because the waves only come from time to time. During the fall, Hurricanes in the Atlantic ocean can send reliable long period swell towards Long Island. Between the Fall and Spring, winter storms and low pressure systems develop offshore bringing both waves, and offshore winds to keep them clean. Unfortunately, during the summer, the waves are often flat, giving surfers few options to catch the rides they crave. Fortunately, there is a new way to ride a wave any time you want. Its called wakesurfing!


Wakesurfing near Sag Harbor New York in the Hamptons with Peconic Water Sports

Wakesurfing is surfing the wave created be special boats designed specifically for making waves. By filling the boats with ballast and using special tabs for directing water flow around the hull, you can make a chest high wave in flat water that you can surf for as long as you like! Wakesurfing is still relatively new in the Hamptons, but across the country it has become an incredibly popular past time among water sports enthusiasts.

Wakesurfing wave behind peconic water sports boutique in the hamptons

The key to wakesurfing is having the right equipment. You will need a boat with an inboard motor. Outboard and I/O motors have a propellor that sticks out the back that could potentially injure the surfer. Inboard motors are tucked under the transom of the boat allowing the surfer to ride the wave safely. Our preferred boats are made by Nautique, and they provide everything you need to get out on the water wakesurfing. Our Nautique boats have inboard motors, as well as built in ballast and surf tab systems. That allows us to go from cruising to surfing with just the touch of a few buttons.


Melissa wakesurfing with peconic water sports surfing behind a boutique boat charter boat

There are great places to wake surf throughout the Hamptons. Our favorite place to go wakesurfing and wakeboarding are in Southampton, NY and Sag Harbor, NY. There is a cove outside our marina that is deep and almost always flat. Another great part of wakesurfing is that it doesn’t require the same type of flat water required for wakeboarding or waterskiing. Rollers or wind chop won’t interfere with the rider as much since they are protected in the wake behind the boat.

Wakesurfing charter boat with peconic water sports in Sag Harbor New York

There is no substitute for the thrill of surfing, but if you are looking for a fun activity to help get you through those long flat stretches this summer, come try wakesurfing with us at Peconic Water Sports! We are located in Eastern Long Island, New York with offices in Sag Harbor and Southold.