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Scout Dorado 225

Peconic Water Sports offers Boat Rentals throughout the North Fork, the Hamptons, Montauk and Shelter Island! Press the “Book Now” tab  to check out our fleet! 

Peconic Water Sports Boat Rental fleet is a new and exciting way for you to get out on the water this summer! Our fleet of rental boats range in size from 20 to 24 feet and provide the ultimate platform for fun on the water. Our boats are available to rent by the day or for multi day rentals. We also offer seasonal leases and a boat club. Boat rentals are available across all of our locations including, Southold, Shelter Island, Sag Harbor and Montauk.

Weekday instructional courses are available to new renters or those looking to learn! The rate is $500 and includes 2 hours of boat time and instruction from one of our captains. We welcome all levels of experience and take the time needed to make you comfortable operating any of our vessels. Captained charters and Guides are also available, please email us to inquire.

Refreshers are also available the day of your rental. The cost is $125/hr plus the rental fee and advanced notice is required. This can be added to your reservation at checkout. The lesson starts at the beginning of your booking.

Pricing and Booking can be found below! Please press the “Book Now” button to make your reservation online.

Evening extensions until 7pm are available for $275!

  • Our rental boats are available at each of our locations. Please specify if you would like Southold/Shelter Island, Sag Harbor or Montauk via our contact page.
  • Renters must be 21 years of age to rent
  • Prior experience operating is required. Instruction is available for beginners.
  • $2000 cc security deposit is required for all rentals
  • * Multi-day rentals including holidays will be charged at the standard daily rate for the respective days.

Boat Rentals with Peconic Water Sports are the easiest way to enjoy the fun of owning a boat with none of the hassles of ownership! Simply book online or over the phone, and show up! It’s as easy as that! The fleet services all of our listed locations.

Our rental boats are each equipped to carry up to 8 -10passengers. All safety equipment and GPS navigation are included. We require our renters to have experience operating a boat. Please be honest with us about your experience.  If you need instruction, we offer boating lessons at a rate of $125/hr in addition to the cost of the rental. Advance booking is required for this service and subject to availability.

Once you and your crew are loaded up, we will provide a safety and operation demonstration to make sure you are comfortable and ready to take the wheel. Once this is done, you are off to enjoy your day! All boat rentals are due back at the dock before dark. Rental boats can not be operated at night. Please pick up and drop off your boat on time. We offer half day rentals and rely on timeliness to prepare the boat for the next customer. An extended rental period is available on full day rentals from 4:30 PM to 7 PM for a $275 fee. If you come back to the dock late, you will be automatically charged this late fee. Any rentals that are not returned by 7 PM will be billed an additional days rental fee. We need time to fuel, service and check each boat before the following day, so please return your boats on time!

Our boat rentals include the boat and all safety equipment.

When you are out on the water, you are free to use the boat as you wish. We ask that you always practice safe boating. We do not tolerate reckless or negligent use. Reckless operation is grounds for immediate cancellation of your rental and no refund will be granted.

Our rental boats are only allowed to operate in the Peconic Bays, Greenport Harbor, Sag Harbor and Gardiners Bay. Renters are not permitted to operate in Shinnecock Canal, Shinnecock Bay, the Long Island Sound or the Ocean.

All rental boats must be returned to our docks each night. Multi Day renters may keep a rental boat at their residence or a marina with prior approval from our team. Please enquire about keeping a boat off site.

Safety is our number one concern whenever renting equipment. Reckless, negligent or ignorant operation of a boat can result in injury of death of you, your passengers or other people who are out enjoying the water. For this reason, we take safety very seriously and we try to pass this on to our customers.

We suggest completing this course online: https://www.boat-ed.com/newyork

All renters will receive an extensive safety and operation briefing before getting out on the water. We require that our customers have previous experience operating a boat. First time operators will be required to hire a boating instructor before they are able to rent. A full safety packet is included in your rental and is required to be reviewed and understood before the rental begins.

Scout 225 LXF Rental Boat with Peconic Water Sports in Long Island New York Near Montauk and Sag Harbor