About Us

Peconic Water Sports is the premier water sports company in Long Island, New York. We provide a world-class menu of water sports activities including wakeboarding, waterskiing, wakesurfing, kiteboarding, jet ski rentals and tours, tubing, fishing charters, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking and more.

We offer three convenient waterfront locations in SoutholdSag Harbor, and Montauk. We also offer pick up service on Shelter Island and throughout Eastern Long Island. Whether you are on the North Fork or in the Hamptons, Peconic Water Sports is the perfect place to plan your next adventure.

Give us a call today at (631) 680-0111!

Meet the Team

Senior Management

Joe Flotteron
Owner and Founder

An avid wakeboarder, kite boarder and surfer, Joe began coaching water sports professionally in 2007. He graduated from Villanova University and brokered derivatives in New York City before founding Peconic Water Sports in 2012. During the winter he can be found kiteboarding and surfing in the Dominican Republic.

Joe holds a United States Coast Guard 100-Ton Masters License.

Joey Wakeboarding in Southampton, Long Island, New York during wakeboarding lessons in the hamptons with peconic water sports
Matt Flotteron

Matt is a seasoned Captain and an avid kiteboarder with over 20 years of experience. He graduated from the University of Vermont in 2014, founding Peconic Jet Ski the same year. He also received his Masters in Accounting from the University of Vermont in 2018. Matt is an East End expert and jet ski guru. An avid skier and outdoorsman, Matt resides in Stowe, VT.

Matt holds a United States Coast Guard OUPV License.

Matt Flotteron - Kiteboarding with Peconic Water Sports in the Hamptons near Southampton, Long Island, New York
Chris Inzerillo
Senior Vice President

Chris joined the Peconic Water Sports team in the Spring of 2016 after going out on a charter the year before. Chris has been wake boarding and driving boats in Greenport Harbor since he was a child, and now he’s a full-time professional captain operating our Montauk location. Chris graduated from New York Institute of Technology. During the off season he can be found traveling the world and snowboarding.

Chris holds a United States Coast Guard OUPV License.

Chris Inzerillo Wakesurfing with Peconic Water Sports during a boat rental in the Hamptons near Shelter Island in Long Island, New York


Brian Reeder

Brian Reeder has been wakeboarding for over 20 years. Growing up in Virginia, Brian first learned to wakeboard with his brother and was immediately hooked. By age 16 Brian started riding professionally and spent over 10 years traveling, teaching and riding as a professional wakeboarder. Brians specializes in helping helping advanced riders reach the next level, and when he isn’t wakeboarding he loves to snowboard, skydive, surf and fish

Brian holds a United States Coast Guard OUPV License.

Tripp Cardinale- Peconic Water Sports Water Ski Coach posing with his water ski on the North Fork in Long Island, New York
Tripp Cardinale

A native of the North Fork, Tripp grew up enjoying the endless possibilities of the water on the East End. Whether it be wakesurfing or wakeboarding, Tripp brings his natural athleticism to the table. Tripp graduated from Hofstra University and played collegiate basketball.

Tripp holds a United States Coast Guard OUPV License.

Marc Rossiter

Marc joins us all the way from foggy old England. Marc has been wakeboarding since was 10 years old and became a pro wakeboarder in England at age 16. He moved to the United States to pursue the sport and has been living in Florida for the past 7 years. He has won several awards including “Rail Rider of the Year in 2011” and is an expert at teaching wakeboarding, wakesurfing and wake skating. Marc and Brian are best friends and every day, no matter what, Marc stops what he is doing at 3 PM and has tea and crumpets.

Marc holds a United States Coast Guard OUPV License.

Eric Koch

We hired Eric for his looks, and he really does look good. Eric grew up right here on the North Fork and has been spending his summers out on the water since then. You may have seen him out there in his Cobalt, around sunset, cruising, listening to some nice music, with the wind in his hair… and now you can finally share those moments with this master of good times. Eric has been boating, skiing, boarding, swimming and having fun on Long Island his whole life, and we are really excited that we now get to share in those good times with him. He is also a mean slalom skier and he is ready to teach you how to lay deep turns just like he does.

Eric holds a United States Coast Guard 50 ton Masters License

Evan Kraus

If you are fishing on the East End, then you want to fish with Captain Evan. With over 30 years of experience, Evan knows the ins and outs of the area and the best spots to fish. Whether early season stripers or late season weakfish, Evan is always out on the water fishing.

Evan holds a United States Coast Guard OUPV License

Kevin Diffley- Peconic Water Sports Jet Ski Tour Guide Wakesurfing in the Hamptons in Long Island, New York
Kevin Diffley

Kevin hails from Mattituck and grew up doing anything boating related. Whether it be seeking new sports to wakeboard or exploring the hidden gems of the East End by jet ski, Kevin lives for being on the water. When its too cold to ride, he can be found on his snowboard searching for powder. Kevin attends High Point University where he studies Business Administration. Fun fact, when kevin was 5 Joey and his brother Bryan built him his first wakeboard.

Kevin holds a United States Coast Guard OUPV License.

Kai Carse - On his way to kiteboard with Peconic Water Sports in Southampton, Long Island, New York
Kai Carse

Kai is one of the original campers from our first year. An avid slalom skier, he loves the need for speed on the water. Kai has worked his way through the ranks to become a Captain with over seven years of experience with Peconic Water Sports. He will be attending Pomona College in the fall to study Psychology.

Kai holds a United States Coast Guard OUPV License.

Nick Karse- Peconic Water Sports original Deckhand for water sports charters and kids camp in greenport, long island, new york
Nick Carse

Nick is also one of the original campers from our first year. An avid wakeboarder, he challenging himself with new tricks. Nick has worked his way through the ranks to become a Captain and has a real knack for teaching kids how to not only wakeboard but have FUN! He will be attending Colorado College in the fall to study Engineering and Sustainability.

Nick holds a United States Coast Guard OUPV License.

Jet Ski Staff

Nik Robinson
Senior Tour Guide

Nik was raised in the big city, but now he lives between the Caribbean and the East End of Long Island. Nik joined the jet ski team in 2018 and loves having fun on jet skis all day. He currently attends the Fashion Institute of Technology where he studies International Trade and Marketing.

Nik holds a United States Coast Guard OUPV License.

Tom Riley
Tour Guide

Tom grew up here on the North Fork and knows all the best spots on the East End. He has extensive experience on the water whether it be offshore fishing or wakesurfing. Tom will be entering the Navy in the fall as a Nuclear Engineer.


Daisy Seigal - Wakesurfing with Peconic Water Sports Kids Camp near Shelter Island in the Hamptons in Long Island, New York
Daisy Siegel

Daisy attended Peconic Water Sports’ first ever week of camp back in 2013. Since then she has never left, and starting in 2016 she began to work as a deckhand in camp. She is a master at doubles wakesurfing with kids and is pretty much always in the water. She currently attends high school in Brooklyn, NY

Oscar Champigneulle

Oscar came to us from Shelter Island where he grew up sailing and wakebaording. This will be Oscar’s first year working for the Peconic team as a deckhand. He will be attending Brown University in the fall studying Mathematics.

Lily Truelove

Lily is our oldest camper, and now she is our youngest deckhand. Since our very first year in business, Lily has been in our camp every summer wakeboarding, wakesurfing, and of course, double wakesurfing with Daisy. After many years of waiting, Lily is finally working as a deckhand this summer. She has basically been working in camp for the last 2 years, but now she finally gets paid!

Mike Walrath

Mike has spent his summers in Montauk since he was born. Spending summers surfing and wake surfing has been the norm. He currently attends Friends Academy in Glen Cove and plays lacrosse, which he is looking to pursue into college. When he’s not in the heat or on the water Michael enjoys snowboarding.

Dylan Hein

Dylan has been summering in Montauk for as long as he can remember. He grew up wakeskating in Lake Montauk at a young age and began to love water sports early in life! When Dylan isn’t in Montauk, he attends boarding school in Connecticut where he plays lacrosse and football.

Jackson Wile

Jackson grew up in Tribeca until 2013, when he and his family moved to Greenport. Jackson met Joey on the docks in Greenport and was our first camper ever. Jackson loves to paddle board, wakeboard and snowboard in the winter, and has been working as a deckhand since 2017. He is currently a junior at Greenport High School.


Verona Penalba

Verona moved to the United States in September 2017 to begin managing her own water sports business with her husband Dominic. Verona’s business provides lessons, charters and logistics services to Peconic Water Sports. Verona is originally from Nicaragua and has lived and worked as a service professional in the Dominican Republic, Miami and the British Virgin Islands.

Wakesurfing in Sag Harbor with Peconic Water Sports Melissa Gabrielsen
Melissa Gabrielsen

Melissa is our office manager and has been working for Peconic Water Sports since 2015. If you have ever called us on the phone, you have probably spoken to Melissa. Melissa loves to wakesurf and has spent the last 5 winters traveling to over 30 countries all around the world.

dani inzerillo wake surfing with peconic water sports
Dani Inzerillo

Dani joined the team in 2018 and works in our office assisting clients and staff with a smile. If you didn’t speak to Melissa on the phone, you probably spoke to her! She loves being out on the water and learning new things. Dani attends SUNY Cortland where she studies Mathematics.

*Her favorite snack is a mint-chocolate chip milkshake.