Boat Rentals in the East End of Long Island, New York

When you think of the East End of Long Island, for most not that much comes to mind aside from the Hamptons and Montauk, but the lonely North Fork is now buzzing with new businesses the multiple wineries and breweries make it a must see if you intend to explore the most eastern reaches of […]

Wakesurfing in the Hamptons

Who doesn’t love to surf? The Hampton’s is full of great places to surf. From Montauk to West Hampton, there are heaps of sandbars, jetties and inlets that provide great places to catch waves all year. Unfortunately, Hamptons surfers must keep a close eye on the weather, because the waves only come from time to […]

The Best Spots on the East End of Long Island!

We often get questions throughout the summer asking about secluded, quiet areas, for charters, jet ski rentals, and kiteboarding lessons. Although the entire East End is beautiful, sometimes it can be hard on weekends to find your slice of paradise. But, we have plenty of options and know the best spots around the area. Checkout […]